Personal Training

staffThis is your source for cutting edge personal training. Columbia Court Club’s certified personal trainers will show and teach you exercise for core, balance, and strength, as well as nutrition and how to maintain once you have met your goal. Your personal trainer will design your workouts to help you meet your fitness challenges and be there with you every step of the way, keeping you motivated and focused. The best exercise is designing a flexible program that will achieve your fitness goals while it also helps keep you challenged, motivated and interested in continuing your exercise routine. Personal training can help get you started on the right track by providing essential instruction on proper form and equipment use. It allows you the opportunity to ask questions and learn the basics in a safe setting. Personal training and consultation sessions are available by appointment. Click here to meet Columbia Court Clubs personal trainers. Print our our Client Evaluation Form & bring it with you on your scheduled appointment with one of our certified personal trainers.

Fitness Tips to Help You Make Your Goals!

  • Vary your workout routine. Cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast for optimum fat burn.
  • Work large muscle groups before smaller muscle groups.
  • Make small changes of intensity, this will yield results without injury to the joint or muscle.
  • Intensity = reps, rest between sets, weight, order of exercises, type of exercise.
  • Warm-up before your start to exercise (cardio or weights), stretch primarily after you are finished exercising.
    You will have plateau’s…..It’s human nature…..To break free from plateaus, try changing one of the intensity factors listed above.
  • You must be consistent, work hard, and realize this is a lifestyle change, not a 12-week program.
  • Free weights will develop muscle tissue most effectively.
  • Make smaller goals and attain them first. Smaller goals added together will give you the long-term goal achievement you are looking for.
  • Remember you are your own person. What you do and how hard you work will show. Comparing yourself to someone else will lead to disappointment. No one has the exact DNA!! Therefore people will not change or look the exact same way or same time frame. Become Your Own Champion, not someone else’s.

Bio-Analogics Lab

The importance of clinical body composition is now being recognized and with the interest in personal health, nutritional status and fitness, this method of estimating body fat has been developed and used in clinical settings. The ELG (ElectroLipoGraphy) is an accurate measurement of Lean Body Mass and the basis for nutritional and exercise prescriptions. In addition, the impedance analyzer will determine hydration status, which is particularly important for distance runners. This service is offered to any individual wanting to monitor changes in their body composition and to evaluate the efficiency of their training routine.


How many calories do you need? Nearly everything you eat or drink has calories, which are a measurement of the energy that is released in your body when you metabolize food. You need a certain number of calories every day to maintain your current weight and activity level, as well as your body’s normal functions. If you eat more calories than your body uses, the excess will be stored mainly as fat; if you eat fewer, you will lose weight. See the USDA daily servings chart, keeping in mind that each person’s caloric intake is different. Our personal trainers can help assess your daily requirement for either loosing, gaining or maintaining your goal. Schedule an appointment at the front desk with our certified personal trainers and get the latest on exercise & nutrition. Along with regular exercise, being committed to keeping a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to contribute positively to your overall health. Reducing fat in your diet, for example, can lower your risk for certain cancers and certain heart diseases.

Nutrition Tips to Stay Healthy!

  • Eat 4-6 smaller meals per day.
  • Consume a glass of water at each meal for proper hydration and digestion. 8. Consume your protein and vegetables first before any other type of carbohydrate. Split the remaining portion of carbohydrates in half, take the rest home.
  • Limit your intake of foods that contain “partially hydrogenated oils.” This is also known as Trans Fatty Acid.
  • Consume your largest meal of the day after you workout or at breakfast. You must eat breakfast every day to jump start your metabolism.
  • Avoid any type of soda or alcohol. You cannot build muscle and the calories will go directly to your fat cells (stomach, hips, thighs, etc.)
  • Nutrition education is a 24/7 job. Take time to realize what you are taking in each day and game plan how to change your habits. A lot is due to making small changes, not overhauling your entire routine.
  • Allow yourself to have the foods you do enjoy every once in a while, but limit the amount of high calorie foods and portion sizes at one time.
  • Shop on the outer edges of the grocery store first. This is where the store usually holds all the fresh produce and meat sources.
  • Nutrition is vital in either losing weight, gaining muscle, or sports performance. Proper nutrition equals optimum performance. You are what you eat! Take time now and educate yourself, it will pay off in the long run.

Diet Center


Test or Program Time Member Price Non-Member Price
Body Composition 15 min. $15.00 $30.00
Health Risk Appraisal 30 min. $15.00 $30.00
Nutritional Analysis 30 min. $29.00 $44.00
Calorie Test 1 hour $45.00 60.00
Complete Fitness Testing 1 1/2 hour $49.00 $64.00
Customized Fitness Program 1 1/2 hour $59.00 $74.00
3 Month Weight Management Program 1st Appt.1 hour, 2 weekly @ 5-15 min $249.00 $249.00
6 Month Weight Management Program 1st Appt. 2 hours, Then 1 hour $359.00 $359.00


We believe your success is a reflection on our success. We have helped thousands of people in the local community feel better for years. We have positively impacted the health, well being, and energy levels of our members by helping them to make small changes that when practiced consistently yield big results!
Make an appointment at the front desk to meet with one of our excellent personal trainers to get you started on an exercise program designed just for you!
We offer post-rehabilitation services for the following:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Post Surgical & Orthopedic conditions
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Over Use Syndrome
  • Surgical